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Jamie Dull Official Discography

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Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Snowbirds

Instruments Played: Keys - used to record all instruments.

Released: May 3rd, 2024

Total Tracks: 7


Artist: Electric Villain

Song: Fell Away

Instruments Played: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keys, Bass, Percussion

Released: February 26th, 2024


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Within Darkness

Instruments Played: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keys, Bass, Samples

Released: July 14th, 2023

Guest Appearances: Dagan Thogerson (drums on In Disrepair, You Bring the Light In, Within Darkness, As You Wish), Greg Fundis (drums on Bloody Robots, Spellbound, Sheathe, Immobile), Lynnea Malley (flute on As You Wish), Jarrett Donoghue (guitar on In Disrepair), Charles Williams (vocals and acoustic guitar on True Home)

Total Tracks: 13


Artist: Electric Villain

Song: Storm

Instruments Played: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vocals.

Released: Original release date - January 2006 - Re-released on January 19th, 2022.

Guest Appearances: Casey Barker (bass / background vocals)


Artist: Electric Villain

Song: Supernova Nexus Freakout

Instruments Played: Keys, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals

Released: Oct. 29th, 2021


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Sunborn

Instruments Played: Keys

Released: Jul. 15th, 2021

Total Tracks: 7


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Gold

Instruments Played: Drums, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Released: Dec. 31st, 2020

Guest appearances: Phil Miller, Zachary Drummond, Haydee Irizarry, Patrick Green, Anthony Ford Jr., Ian Engels

Total Tracks: 8


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Silver

Instruments Played: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Mandolin

Released: Dec. 5th, 2020

Guest Appearances: Matthew Salvatore Coglianese, Zachary Drummond

Total Tracks: 6


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Bronze

Instruments Played: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keys on all songs

Released: Nov. 7th, 2020

Guest Appearances: Chris Connelly, Lynne[a], Evan Walker, Mike Morgan, Jarrett Donoghue, Curran Allenstein, Ryan O'Toole 

Total Tracks: 5


Artist: Snake Dealer

Song: Roulette (System of a Down cover)

Instruments Played: Lead Vocals, Keys

Guest Appearances: Kevin Campbell

Released: Oct. 14th, 2020


Artist: Stampy

Album: Expectations

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Released: Aug. 24th, 2020

Guest Appearances: Julian Harris, Katie Kadan

Total Tracks: 9

Electric Villain.png

Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Making the Best of It, Vol. 2

Instruments Played: Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Vocals

Released: Aug. 15th, 2020

Total Tracks: 6


Artist: Snake Dealer

Song: Blood Night

Instruments Played: Drums, Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals

Released: Aug. 10th, 2020


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Making the Best of It, Vol. 1

Instruments Played: Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Released: May 1st, 2020

Total Tracks: 5


Artist: Katie Kadan

Album: Katie Kadan

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion on Intro, Got You to Blame, Dancing on the Floor, Calm, Hey Yo, Take Me to the River

Released: May 31st, 2019

Total Tracks On Which I Played: 6


Band: Stampy

Album: Stampy

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Released: Jun. 2nd, 2017

Guest appearances: Raphael Crawford, Pat Mallinger, Julian Harris, Parris Flemming, Katie Kadan

Total Tracks: 7


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Ether Fever

Instruments Played: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums, Keys

Released: Aug. 16th, 2016

Guest appearances: Joel Hoekstra, Laura Zielinski, Tony Lee,  Zachary Drummond.

Total Tracks: 10

monchu 10.jpeg

Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 9

Instruments Played: Drums on You Don't Matter

Released: 2016


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 8

Instruments Played: Drums on Little Lover and conga on Stealth Persuader

Released: 2016


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 7

Instruments Played: Drums on No Mercy / No Remorse and Knives on Lingering Beast

Released: 2016


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 6

Instruments Played: Drums on Have Faith In Wordless Knowledge and Serpentine

Released: 2016


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 5

Instruments Played: Drums on O.S.I.S.

Released: 2016


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 3

Instruments Played: Percussion on I'm Not the One

Released: 2015


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 2

Instruments Played: Drums on Magic Milk and Drums and Percussion on Mr. Fat Face

Released: 2015


Artist: SMOKER

Album: Monchu 1

Instruments Played: Additional Drums on Got It Made

Released: 2015


Artist: SMOKER

Song: I Was Reborn

Instruments Played: Drums

Released: 2014

Artist: The Heavy Hearses

Album: Fin

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar 

Released: July 11th, 2014

Guest appearances: Josh Woodward, Phil Miller, Jacki Rada, Jacki Gilliam, Julian Harris, Corey Kamerman, Randy Hill, Jason Matula, Phillip Bennett

Total Tracks: 11

Artist: SMOKER

Album: Strange Ways

Instruments Played: All Drums

Released: 2013

Total Tracks: 8

Artist: Lobster Newberg

Song: Tight Rope (Leon Russell cover)

Instruments Played: Drums

Released: 2009

Guest appearances: Howard Levy

Angels & Skeletons.jpg

Thanks for checking out all of the officially released music from my career. If you liked what you heard and are interested in diving even deeper, then head over to my SoundCloud page. Here you will find rare tracks and live cuts including a number of unofficially released albums and singles from various projects of mine throughout the years. Click here to visit SoundCloud

Artist: Radiofix

Album: Angels & Skeletons

Instruments Played: Drums

Released: Sept. 21st, 2007

Total Tracks: 8

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