Jamie Dull Discography

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Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Sunborn

Instruments Played: Keys

Released: 07/15/2021

Total Tracks: 7


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Gold

Instruments Played: Drums, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Released: 12/31/2020

Total Tracks: 8

Guest appearances: Phil Miller, Zachary Drummond, Haydee Irizarry, Patrick Green, Anthony Ford Jr., Ian Engels


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Silver

Instruments Played: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Mandolin

Released: 12/05/2020

Guest Appearances: Matthew Salvatore Coglianese (bass), Zachary Drummond (keys)

Total Tracks: 6


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Trilogy: Bronze

Instruments Played: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keys on all songs

Released: 11/07/2020

Guest Appearances: Chris Connelly , Lynne[a], Evan Walker, Mike Morgan, Jarrett Donoghue, Curran Allenstein, Ryan O'Toole 

Total Tracks: 5



Artist: Snake Dealer

Song: Roulette (System of a Down cover)

Instruments Played: Lead Vocals, Keys

Released: 10/14/2020


Artist: Stampy

Album: Expectations

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Released: 08/24/2020

Guest Appearances: Julian Harris (trumpet / background vocals), Katie Kadan (flute / vocals)

Total Tracks: 9

Electric Villain.png

Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Making the Best of It, Vol. 2

Instruments Played: Drums, Guitar, Keys, Bass, Vocals

Released: 08/15/2020



Artist: Snake Dealer

Instruments Played: Drums, Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals

Released: 08/10/2020


Artist: Electric Villain

Album: Making the Best of it, Vol. 1

Instruments Played: All instruments, vocals and sounds.

Released: 05/01/2020


Artist: Katie Kadan

Album: Katie Kadan

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion on 'Intro', 'Got You To Blame', 'Dancing On The Floor', 'Calm', 'Hey Yo', 'Take Me To The River'

Released: 05/31/2019

Total Tracks On Which I Played: 6


Band: Stampy

Album: Stampy

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Released: 06/02/2017

Guest appearances: Raphael Crawford (trombone), Pat Mallinger (saxophone), Julian Harris (trumpet), Parris Flemming (trumpet), Katie Kadan (vocals)

Total Tracks: 7


Band: Electric Villain

Album: Ether Fever

Instruments Played: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drum Programming, Keys

Released: 08/16/2016

Guest appearances: Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake) on 'Cosmic Hope', Laura Zielinski & Tony Lee (The Blind Staggers) on 'Blasto Fantastico!' and Zachary Drummond on 'Beautiful Sunrise'.

Total Tracks: 10



Instruments Played: Percussion on 'I'm Not the One', 'Got It Made', 'Lingering Beast', & 'Stealth Persuader'. Drums on all other songs.

Released: Between 2012 and 2016

Total Tracks: 19


Band: The Heavy Hearses

Album: Fin

Instruments Played: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, 

Released: 07/11/2014

Guest appearances: Josh Woodward, Phil Miller, Jacki Rada, Jacki Gilliam, Julian Harris, Corey Kamerman, Randy Hill, Jason Matula, Phillip Bennett

Total Tracks: 11



Band: Lobster Newberg

Song: Tightrope (Leon Russell cover)

Instruments Played: Drums

Released: 02/15/2009

Guest appearances: Howard Levy (harmonica)


Band: Radiofix

Album: Angels & Skeletons

Instruments Played: Drums

Released: 09/21/2007

Total Tracks: 8