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Hello. My name is Jamie Dull. I'm a professional musician and producer based in Chicago, IL. I am currently releasing original music with Electric Villain. Thanks for checking out my website! Please click around. You'll find music, videos, and lots of information on my career. Feel free to reach out via the contact page if you'd like to connect! Thanks for stopping by.

News Update - June 2024

Snowbirds is a follow up to the 2021 album Sunborn, which was my first attempt at an instrumental Electric Villain piano ballad album. Originally written for television and film licensing, both Sunborn and Snowbirds gave me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and try something wildly different.

Each song on Snowbirds represents a different emotion or feeling towards major life changes that have recently occurred. Orchestral instruments such as cellos, clarinets, harps, tubas, trombones, french horns, glockenspiels, violins and more can be heard on this album.

Please enjoy this sonic departure from my traditional Electric Villain music.

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